Arena Polo

7. Mannheimer Arena Polo Championship

The 56 year old Dirk Baumgärtner who is manager of the Mannheim Arena Polo Championship and also a very successful German polo player is looking forward to the „Mannheimer Arena Polo Championship. “

“Polo is not only the oldest team sports in the world but rather a fierce sports which challenges both the player as well as the horse.” Quotation of Dirk Baumgärtner.

Peter Hofmann, president of the Mannheim Equestrian Club – Reiter-Verein Mannheim e.V. – as well as organizer of Maimarkt competition underlines the attractiveness of ARENA Polo:” The last six years have shown that the spark skipped to the audience despite of the dynamic and rapid/racy sports. Our audience is very close to the event and experiences the raciness of the game in spite of the size of our square.”

ARENA POLO which is the little version of Polo- established itself since the premiere in 2011 in Mannheim. For this reason the competition exposes the opening of the “Mannheimer Pferdewoche” from 29.April, until 01.Mai 2017.

Usually four Polo players form one team. In MVV Riding stadium are just three players in action. A total of/ Altogether six teams play against each other, all with the aim to win. “I am curious, whether team Maritim is able to repeat the success of the previous year, or if this time another team gets the chance to cheer.” says Peter Hofmann.

In 2015 Team “Ubi Bene/MAG” could assert oneself in final against team “Maritim” with a final score of 21:6. In 2015 Team “Ubi Bene/MAG” won the polo championship in finale with a final score of 21:6.

Team “Regenbogen/Palazzo” saved third place against team “Engelhorn” with a curtly 11:10 win.

Fifth became team “Gauch/Jeep” against team “MVV Energie/Troncone” with a score of 8:10.