List of winners

Show jumping



Badenia is the most important show jumping competition during the whole Maimarkt tournament, it is THE major price of Maimarkt. The major prize-Badenia, which is the major prize of MVV Energy- has been part of the tournament since 1964 and is the highlight during the tournament. In the last two years Badenia consisted of two exams, the jumping on time and the Grand Prix.

There is one difference to the other riding competitions in Germany. Most of the riding tournaments stage the major prize on a Sunday. Due to the fact that it is always an exciting and thrilling day Mannheim aligns the major prize on a Tuesday afternoon as a celebratory ending of the five tournament days.

Furthermore Maimark Tuesday is also the last day of both, the Maimarkt as well as the Maimarkt tournament. The last competition consists of a show jumping with jump off. Last year the prize money had an amount of 60.000€



Maimarkt-Championat of Mannheim is the second highest endowed show jumping competition during the tournament. The competition always takes place on Sundays, and is staged since 1988. It involves a jumping competition with jump off class S***, which was endowed with 30.000€.


In 2012 the “Major prize of Mannheim” was staged instead of the Maimarkt-Championship. The reason for this was that the FEI did not approve the holding of the major prize on a Tuesday.